Health Center Blace was established on May, 15th 1953. The total area of the institution is 

1.350m² on a plot of 87.73 acres. The Health Center includes also Medical station in 

Barbatovac, Ambulances in villages Međuhana, Draguša and Grgure. It provides primary health 

car  services to the population of the municipality of Blace, where, according to the 2011 

census, live 11,686 inhabitants.  

Medical services are: 

Health care service for the adult population and workers (with home treatment and medical 

care, emergency medical assistance and medical transportation, pharmaceutical health 

activity and polyvalent nurses)

• Specialized Consultative Service,

• Health care service for children and women,

• Department of dental health care,

• Medical Support Services: Service for laboratory, x-ray, ultrasound and other diagnostics.

Non-medical services within the health institutions are: Department for legal, economic and 

financial, technical and other similar tasks.

Total number of employees at the Health Centre Blace is 101, of which 77 belong to the 

medical staff and 24 to non-medical personnel. On the basis of the percentage presence of 

the score obtained in the process of accreditation, the director of the agency for 

accreditation on the basis of Article 18 of the Regulations on the accreditation of health 

facilities made the decision to issue the certificate of accreditation to the Health Centre 

Blace for a period of three years. The goals of accreditation are raising the quality and safety 

of provided services of health care and standardizing of procedures. Rational use of resources

(human and financial), rational diagnostics using modern technology and new information 

constantly educating employees will greatly facilitate and increase work efficiency in order to 

reduce morbidity by placing emphasis on preventive and targeted examinations for early 

detection of malignant diseases, development of awareness about the importance of 

prevention and early detection of disease.




Health Center is a successful carrier of work on improving the quality and efficiency of 

primary health care services, while respecting the equality in the right on health of all 

citizens of the municipality of Blace. Our principle is to provide diagnostic and results for the 

user in a single day.




Health Center Blace will become a major player in the health care system of Toplica region 

and in collaboration with partners will contribute to the continued preservation and 

improvement of the health of its population. In our institution, users will acquire the 

knowledge and skills of healthy lifestyles, preservation and improvement of their health and 

the health of the community. Professional staff and new medical achievements in the 

diagnosis, treatment and nursing care will be equally accessible to all our citizens.

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