Members of the Municipal Council of Blace

1. Ana Antić

2. Ana Dunjić

3. Vladimir Mitrović

4. Mirjana Petrović

5. Adriana Stevanović Vasić

6. Zoran Stošić

7. Svetozar Hadžić




The Municipal Council consists of the President of the Municipality, the Deputy President of 

the Municipality, as well as five members of the Municipal Council. The President of the 

Municipality is the President of the Municipal Council. Members of the Municipal Council are 

elected by the Municipal Assembly for a term of four years by secret voting and by a majority 

of all the members and for the following departments: education, culture, agriculture, public 

utilities, public services and social policy of cooperation with trade unions and private 

companies. When deciding on the choice of the President of the Municipality, the Municipal 

Assembly also decides on the election of the Deputy President of the Municipality and 

Municipal Council members. Candidates for members of the Municipal Council are proposed by 

a candidate for the President of the Municipality.

Incompatibility of functions

Members of the Municipal Council can not be councilors at the same time and may be 

responsible for one or more specific areas within the jurisdiction of the Municipality. To a 

councilor, who is elected as a member of the Municipal Council, representative mandate is 



Municipal Council:

-proposes the Statute, budget and other decisions and acts passed by the Assembly;

-directly implement and ensure the implementation of decisions and other acts of the 

Minicipal Assembly;

-makes a decision on temporary financing in the event when the Municipal Assembly does not 

-adopt the budget before the start of the fiscal year;

-supervises the work of of the Municipal Administration, or abrogate acts of Municipal 

Administration, which are not in compliance with the law, the Statute and other general act 

or decision issued by the Municipal Assembly;

-resolves in administrative proceedings in the second instance on the rights and duties of 

citizens, enterprises and institutions and other organizations in administrative matters within 

the jurisdiction of the Municipality;

-ensures the implementation of delegated competencies from the rights and duties of the 

Republic or the Autonomous Province;

-appoints and dismisses the Head of Municipal Administration;

-educates professional advisory bodies for specific tasks within its jurisdiction;

-Informs the public about its work;

-issues work regulation on the proposal of the President of the Municipality;

-performs other duties determined by the Municipal Assembly.

The position of President of the Municipality in the Municipal Council

President of the Municipality represents the Municipal Council, convenes and chairs its 


President of the Municipality is responsible for the lawfulness of the Municipal Council.

The quorum for work and decision-making

The Municipal Council can decide if the majority of the total number of its members are 

present. The Municipal Council decides by majority of votes of the members present, unless it 

this law or this Statute of particular issues requires a different majority.

Rules of Procedure of the Municipal Council

The organization, method of work and decision making of the Municipal Council are detailed 

regulated by its Rules of Procedure, in the accordance with the law and this Statute.

Economic Council

The Municipal Council forms Economic Council. Economic Council has the authority to propose 

initiatives related to economic development, discuss strategies and plans for economic 

development and monitor the implementation of plans and programs of local economic 

development. Economic Council introduces the Municipal Assembly, President of the 

Municipality and the Municipal Council about its initiatives and conclusions. Tasks, method of 

work and decision making of the Economic Council are closely regulated by the Rules of 

Procedure of the Municipal Council. 

Composition of the Economic Council

The President and six members of the Economic Council are appointed by the Municipal 

Council, and the duration of the mandate is the same as of the Municipal Council. Members of 

the Economic Council may be proposed by civic associations, local communities, industry 

associations and entrepreneurs. At least one third of the members of the Economic Council 

must be from the businessmen and entrepreneurs, or from their associations.

Report submission of the Municipal Assembly

The Presidents of Municipality and the Municipal Council are obliged to regularly report the 

Municipal Assembly, at its own initiative or upon request, at least once a year, on the 

execution of decisions and other acts of the Municipal Assembly.

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