President of the Municipality

Zoran Jozić was born on 15.07.1969 in Krusevac.  He grew up in the village Latkovac, municipality of Aleksandrovac in working-class family.

He attended primary school in Aleksandrovac, high school and College of Education in Aleksinac, and Teachers  College in Vranje.

First work experience gained in the primary school "Stojan Novakovic" in Blace, as a class teaching.

In the period from 2002 to 2014 he was director of elementary school "Stojan Novakovic" Blace, for three terms.

Based on decision of the President of the Serbian Progressive Party in May 2013, he became the confidant of this party on local level.

After the parliamentary elections in 2014 he  was a member of parliament  in the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. He participated in the work of parliamentary committees - the Committee for Kosovo and Metohija and the Board of Education.

Zoran Jozic is engaged in sports as sports worker, a master of karate, karate coach, karate judge.

From 12 May 2016 he was elected as Mayor of Blace, as a candidate of the Serbian Progressive Party.

He is married and has two children.


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Election of the President of the Municipality

President of the Municipality is elected by the Municipal Assembly, among the councilors for a 

trm of four years by secret vote, by a majority of votes of all the members of the Municipal 


President of the Municipality has a deputy who replaces him in case of his absence or inability 

to perform his duties.

President of the Municipal Assembly  proposes a candidate for the President of the 


A candidate for the President of the Municipality proposes a candidate for the Deputy 

President of the Municipality among the councilors elected by the Municipal Assembly in the 

same way as the President of the Municipality.

Incompatibility of functions

The election for the President of the Municipality and the Deputy President of the 

Municipality  terminates the councilors mandate of the Municipal Assembly. 

The President of the Municipality and the Deputy President of the Municipality are 

permanently employed in the Municipality.


President of the Municipality:

- Represents the municipality;

- Proposes ways of resolving issues decided by the Municipal Assembly;

- Gives instructions on execution of the budget;

- Establishes municipal service for inspection and audit the use of budget funds;

- Gives approval to general acts regulating the number and structure of employees in 

inItitutions financed from the budget of the municipality and the number and structure of 

employees and other persons who are engaged in the implementation of programs or parts of 

programs of the Municipality budget users;

- Decides on granting the use or lease, as well as the termination of the lease, or lease and 

placing liens on real property that is used by the municipality bodies, with the approval of the 

Property Directorate of the Republic of Serbia;

- Directs and coordinates the work of the Municipal Administration;

- Passes individual acts for which he is authorized by this statute law or by decision of the 

Municipal Assembly;

- Informs the public about his work;

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